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SOAR - Women's Group 


The SOAR (Sharing Opens Abundant Rewards) women’s discipleship gathering takes place monthly at the church. The SOAR Ministry provides a spiritually uplifting environment for women to build bonds and to conquer the challenges and obstacles of life. Those who attend will receive meaningful and inspiring tools to help you in your everyday life. You will always leave with something that will be worth while in your life.




Discipleship Groups





The men of SOFCF are invited to attend our monthly fellowship breakfast for discipleship and fellowship at a local Denny’s Restaurant. This is a time when the men can come together to grow stronger by mentoring and encouraging one another to live in the fullness of our manhood and live life the way God has planned for us. It is true that iron can sharpen iron so we all benefit from what others have to bring. You do not have be a member of SOFCF to benefit from this shared experience. All are welcomed.

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