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Rev. Dr. Ralph E. Howard, Senior Pastor


It is truly awesome to be apart of the body of Christ and to see Him operate in the members of Seed of Faith. Those who are part of this ministry share many values and principles that are grounded in the word of God. We walk by faith and believe in the power of God to shape the life of each believer to fulfill their purpose and destiny.


Seed of Faith is a community that is committed to live in faith while we work out God's plan for the salvation of the world. The work of the church is to do the will of the Lord and Seed of Faith is determined to be an assembly of people that touches lives around the world in meaningful and lasting ways.

Those who seek a church that believes in serving the whole of the human person will find that they have a home at Seed of Faith. Many years ago God revealed to me a vision of what He expected for his church. He spoke to me that the church must never be a place that speaks only to the soul of man while it abandons the whole of man. God created man as a living soul which means that the whole of man

is important to God. He has endowed each of us with mind, body and soul. The church must be concerned and compassionate enough to be a place that strives to impact and to restore the whole person to the place that God has intended. For this reason, I commit to God that Seed of Faith will be vigilant and not neglect our duty to feed, cloth, train, teach, and serve the needs of the whole person as we equip people to live in the fullness of life.I welcome you to become a partner with us in this exciting time as we journey forth to plant seeds of faith here at home and across the earth. If we plant the best seed we will reap the best harvest.


Your support to this ministry through your prayers and financial gifts will ensure that the work of the kingdom continues as we spread our seeds of faith throughout the world. Remember, the just shall live by faith!


Dr. Ralph E. Howard, Senior Pastor

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