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Outreach Ministry

Feeding Ministry

We are committed in our belief that followers of Christ ought to be equally concerned to save lives while saving souls. In the feeding ministry SOFCF is taking steps to further this mission with the many volunteers who prepare and deliver hot meals to over 100 needy persons every month. Donations and support from both members and supporters are welcomed to ensure that no one in need is left wanting. 

Foreign Mission

SOFCF has active missionaries that are spreading the love of Christ to people in countries that have suffered oppressive conditions and severe hardships. Our missionaries have taken to message of hope to Haiti, Jamica and Mexico, they have brought with them the living word and much needed help to build churches and orphanages and schools. We sponsor short term mission travel for those who want to use their talent and gifts to reach others who facing crisis most in the United States will never understand. We welcome financial support to continue this life changing work for the call of Christ.

Convalescent Ministry

In this ministry we visit convalescent living facilities to share the love of Jesus with those who are unable to come to the church and worship with others. Often all that someone needs to bring them joy is a friendly smile and encouraging word. In this ministry, we bring all of this and more, to remind all that God is love and Jesus cares – and so do we. 

Juvenile Hall Ministry

There is a great need to take the word of God to the many youth who have been caught by tangled turns of life; at SOFCF we seek to help those who are trying to find their way. Volunteers from the Juvenile Hall Ministry make weekly visits to youth in various stages of the correction system to share the word of God and to mentor them in making choices that will help lead to a more stable future.

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